Technical Recipes

We handcraft websites and webapps.

18 years of experience in programming and Internet. We expertly hand craft our apps to run well and look great. You don't have to compromise on function for it to look great.

This responsive OPS (One Page Site) is under 70kB to load including graphics and google analytics (excludes font file)! Why start with a framework that's over 200kB? Half the time your mobile internet is too slow for that size. I'm always hearing people say "don't reinvent the wheel" when they are pushing along a big square! We do it properly from the ground up, tailored to be fast and exactly what you need.

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Beautiful, fast, uncluttered & "Responsive" websites for your project or business!

ASP.Net, javacsript, jQuery, Html5, Wordpress, Responsive design, SVG vector graphics, lightweight solutions

Make it responsive - adapting to different screen sizes from HD monitors to smartphones

Super lightweight customised pages (under 10KB) or standardized frameworks like bootstrap

Live page information and data updated with ajax

Get your customer base logging on to your site using their facebook or Google+ account!

Edit your own website when you want using a CMS like Wordpress. We can build custom themes and plugins to meet your needs too.

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Web apps

Web applications that actually work when your internet is slow! Keep it below 100KB + pictures.

Get real function into your site.

Use the internet to centralize your backend. Reduce your costs and open up a flexible lightweight solution for your business needs.

If you need it on a "phone app", we can convert our webapps to phone apps very easily. In most cases, you're better off starting with a web app first and moving to the downloadable phone app second...often you don't need it. Isn't it beter to run your app on all devices and computers and to not have to download anything?

We use a clever system of caching, page loading and lightweight customised scripts to give you the best of all worlds.

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Small and medium sized businesses, we think differently! Cut down on that corporate time-wasting and get it working now. Talk to us before you spend millions dollars on the big CRMs you don't need.

Exchanging documents with your business partners, customers and suppliers DOESN'T have to be that hard.

We have 20 years experience providing these types of services using SQL Server Database development with C#, ASP.Net and Delphi.

WebAPIs, simple, secure and flexible communications between companies.

Electronic invoicing, document format mapping, https, xml, json, csv, smtp, pdf, webapis.

If you know what you want, we can provide clear technical analytical skills to get you the system you need the smart way.

We provide very fast ITM electronic invoice format mapping service. We developed their importing system and have supported it for 10 years. Please contact us for information.

About us

We are a custom software development company registered in New Zealand. We spend a large amount of time working from Koh Samui, Thailand, enjoying the tropical paradise when not hard at work producing amazing websites. In addition to website/webapp development we also do Business data exchange.

Jonathan Smith is the director and founder of Technical Recipes. He boasts degrees in engineering and mathematics and 18 years of professional software development experience. He enjoys using his analytical skills to design software development architecture and high quality solutions to our clients' needs. His other passions include environmental issues, architecture, food, DIY building projects, travel and tricking (an amalgamation of gymnastics and martial arts).

Andrew Kell has been with us for over 8 years. He has a multitude of technical skills and experience in both software and large enterprise IT. He has a rare ability for communication with clients and an analytical mind to provide solutions that really fit well to the customer's needs. Andrew loves writing and performing music, learning foreign languages and swimming at the beach.


New Zealand

Phone: +64 9 281 3876

Address: 39 Amorino Drive, Red Beach, Auckland 0932


Phone: +66 8 3395 6518

Address: 105/8 Moo 1, Bophut, Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84320